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Dental Show To Provide Important Updates On Mouth Cancer

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Dental Show To Provide Important Updates On Mouth Cancer

An upcoming dental show will provide those in the industry with updates on mouth cancer to help dental professionals to spot signs in their patients. 

The Dentistry Show London is taking place on October 6th and 7th, and has partnered with the Mouth Cancer Foundation for the annual event. 

Clinical ambassador for the Mouth Cancer Foundation Tripat Mahajan will be giving a lecture about oral cancer to raise awareness of the disease.

Ms Mahajan said: “The presentation will give an overview of the updated facts and figures regarding oral cancer, and will also cover the common risk factors and how to carry out an effective history and screening.”

She will also be advising dental professionals on how they can engage with patients about the subject and help them become more aware of possible symptoms. 

These include mouth ulcers that fail to heal; unusual lumps or swelling in the mouth, head or neck; white or red patches; and persistent hoarseness. 

It is essential dentists are able to detect oral cancer as soon as possible, as early detection can boost survival rates by up to 90 per cent. 

That is why dentists should encourage patients to undertake regular check-ups, keep an eye on the state of their mouths at home, and use good-quality dental hygiene products.

They also need to remind them of the importance of lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, and avoiding too much sunlight exposure to limit their risk of developing mouth cancer.

Among the other speakers at the event are Len D’Cruz from the British Dental Association, Jocelyn Harding from the Mouth Cancer Foundation, and Tim Newton, professor of psychology as applied to dentistry at King’s College London.
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