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A Most Unorthodox Use For A Dental Product

By :Sarah A 0 comments
A Most Unorthodox Use For A Dental Product

There are not that many cases when dental care products and musical instruments are discussed in the same article, but the strange case of an esoteric guitar shredder and minty-fresh dental floss is too fascinating to ignore.

Prior to 2023, the only time that guitars and teeth were ever close to each other was when the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix played a guitar solo with his teeth, which is a feat that left music fans in disbelief and dentists in disbelief for a very different reason.

However, a guitarist by the name of Bernth Brödtrager may have topped this feat by replacing the typical steel or silk strings you would fit to an acoustic guitar with something altogether more familiar to dentists.

Many dentists strongly recommend using dental floss, a soft thread that helps to clean the gaps between teeth that you cannot otherwise reach with a toothbrush and can be an alternative to an interdental brush.

It has mint oils that help it smoothly reach between teeth, but that advantage for dental health is a major disadvantage for its use in stringing a guitar, given that dental floss is thin, relatively weak compared to silk string, sounds shrill and has a gauge so ultra-thin that only high-level shredders can get a good sound out of it.

Not that any of this would stop a guitarist who has made his name on YouTube through strange experiments with guitars, such as replacing standard strings with elastic bands, inflating a balloon inside the soundhole, drilling holes into an acoustic guitar body and many others.

The strange properties of the floss allow for some strange string bending that would not really be possible with standard strings, or if the floss was used as it was intended.

It proves the capability and strength of dental floss, but also why it’s best used as part of your daily dental health routine and not on stage.

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